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What’s Next?

( Covid Update )

Ok, so schools back on. You may have been happy, sad, or excited when you first heard the news. We have to remember that school isn’t the way we left it. As COVID 19 has taken its toll on different communities, it is ESSENTIAL to know how it’s changed ours. You may have heard of the 3W’s or the 6 feet apart rule. Interacting with others and doing activities we were so used to doing together, will be so different now. We all have to keep in mind that all this is to keep us safe and healthy.

I had some questions for Ms Mac. We talked about Covid and its impact on us.

(Ms. Mac )

Q: How do think COVID has impacted our community


COVID has had a big impact on almost all aspects of our community.

  1. It spread us out all over the world

  2. It challenged our teachers to make our online lessons engaging

  3. It challenged our students to stay focused and organised

  4. If forced us all to be resilient and flexible to change

Q: What changes will be made to our community as well as our learning spaces?


  1. Physical distancing will impact MS. Everyone must be 2 metres (6ft) apart. This means fewer children in classrooms, not getting close to your friends during breaks.

  2. We must also ensure that everything is kept clean so that the Corona Virus doesn’t get passed around. So all furniture and equipment must be cleaned after each use – that will be everyone’s responsibility.

Q: How will covid affect our norms as well as our community guidelines


Our AES values will still guide us in everything we do:

  1. Responsible

  2. Safe

  3. Kind

  4. Respect

We are also now guided by the “Big Three” safety practices

  1. Wash your hands

  2. Wear a mask

  3. Physical distance (2metres / 6feet)

Our norms and community guidelines will merge both of these lists and provided everyone remembers our AES Values and the Big Three – we should be ok.

Q: How will learning be different from now on?


Currently, we are doing all our learning online. We took everyone’s feedback from Continuous Learning (end of last year) and adjusted our systems to better support you and your learning. At some point (Indian Government decision) we will move to a Hybrid model, which means some learning can happen at home and some can happen at school.

We will still do everything through the online platforms we are already using, but some children may be on campus while they do their work. We are staying with the online approach because we must cater for AES families that may be in very different circumstances:

  1. Some will come to school

  2. Some will choose to stay home

  3. Some will be in quarantine or in a district that is in lockdown

  4. Some will be out of India

The bonus of being on campus, you will get to interact with different students and teachers – at an appropriate distance.

Q: How will the students be able to interact with each other ( if that is an option )


Provided you stay 2m/6ft apart and ALWAYS wear a mask, you will be able to talk, sit, and move around some parts of campus.

Q: Is there anywhere students can look for updates on the situation?


When the Middle School returns, we will spend a lot of time in Advisory going through everything you will need to know about returning to school.  We will also spend a great deal of time on your first day showing you everything so that you understand the expectations and are comfortable with how the school will run.

Hopefully, that gave you a sense of security as to how the school will be from now on. Of course, all the rules in place aren’t our normal, but we’re all in this together. Whether you are coming back to campus or staying back, we all must know how things are going to work to be able to keep learning and having fun.

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