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Why Nintendo Switch is better than PS5 and Xbox

Updated: Mar 5

Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch with crown, PS5

Photo Courtesy: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony

Are you deciding to buy a new video game console? Yes? Or did this essay catch your eye? I will help you choose in this argument why Nintendo Switch is the best! People often believe bold claims and never think about uniqueness, fun, and family.  The Switch has six advantages the other two lack. Note that we are comparing the top-end models in this article.

Power Overrated

Let’s get the most important one out of the way. Power is not the whole story. Many people just talk about “power, power, power, power, blah blah power,” like an alarm. Nintendo Switch has sufficient power to run games with excellent graphics while not adding unnecessary extra power. Why want 160 FPS (Frames per second) when 30 does the work so you can have a fun and smooth experience? With the expectation of professional gamers, a few frame drops don’t really matter. Also, it’s been six years since the Switch has released. A counter-argument is that multiple people like to be serious gamers (but not professional) and want that much power. Not exactly. Based on my survey at WOW, 8 out of 10 people are casual gamers, don’t play a lot, or don’t play video games at all. Also, Nintendo has many multi-platform power-demanding games that Xbox and PlayStation also have.

Family Friendly & Fun

Nintendo is family-friendly. People often compare the Big Three and say that either Xbox or PS5 is better (Depending on their preference). Let’s be honest here. Nintendo is in the CASUAL/FAMILY gaming market. It’s like comparing an Apple and a banana. Both are fruits, but they are different colors. Likewise, they are in the gaming industry. But Nintendo is for more casual gamers. And like we said in the last reason, 8 out of ten VERY different people said they are not serious about gaming. It’s not like I don’t like people comparing the three. It’s just I request YouTubers and Reviewers to be more fair. Nintendo has fewer (Basically nothing) violent games than the other two.

Price Perfection

Nintendo Switch also has a lower price compared to the other two. The price for Nintendo Switch Oled is $350, nevertheless $500 for both Xbox and PS5. People argue this is because the other two. are much more powerful. But if you count how much else you get in each box, then it makes sense. According to Gamespot, the Nintendo Switch comes with the Switch, two joy-cons,  the dock, joy-con wrist straps, and two cables. For the PS5, the console, one controller, and two cables, THAT’S IT. And Xbox has the least stuff. The console. A controller that still runs on non-rechargeable batteries. And just ONE HDMI cable. You get the most for the least amount of money if you buy a switch.

Video games are helpful to assist in letting time fly by while traveling, and also you can have great memories on the go. Nintendo Switch does exactly that while still being a home console. That, again, is why it’s a better value for money.

I am not going to talk about the console only. Nintendo Switch has 5000 games and counting, according to Nintendo itself, while PlayStation has less than that amount. A counter-argument is that Xbox can play so many PC games. If you love PC games so much, just get a PC.


These are not the only reasons why Nintendo Switch is the best. Hope you choose the correct choice of your console! That’s it for this article!

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As a revered poet and playwright, thy would have to disagree with OP's absurd opinion, while thy was publishing and while writing thou masterpiece Much Ado About Nothing, the PS of 5(No, thy does have games) was a major respite during thy's intellectual pursuit, An accomplished writer such as thy Mr.Kohli who does such beautiful articles would understand. Thou Nintendo Switch thou at 2fps Morals aside thy has created a blasphemous article, and the PC is thy fantastic, I would have to disagree with thou OP.


PS: Read thy masterpieces. Such as Hamlet, Much Ado, and Romeo and Juleitee

Replying to

Hello, I am the Prince of Nigeria and am willing to share my wealth with you. If you concede and admit that Nintendo Switch has no games, that is.

I have a net worth of 4 trillion USD, and will give you half.

Mark my words.

Prince Mark

Replying to

Dear Prince Mark, Hope you are enjoying royal life. May I request you show me proof of your "4 trillion USD" before and if I accept. Thank you,

Karanjot Kohli


ive had a sswitch for 1 year and i allready have changed the joycons 2 twice and my xbox is running perfectly fine. and also the switch has barely any storage, and if i have to get an sd card and joy cons, all the money combined coudl get me another xbox or ps5


how has this gotten so many views?😳

RJ Gupte
RJ Gupte
Jan 30
Replying to



I disagree with this article as every time I use my switch I'm constantly fighting a battle against my joysticks when I've had a PS4 for the same amount of time with no problems. The switch is a buggy mess that Nintendo doesn't bother to fix.

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