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What in the WOW!?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Current 8th graders (then in grade 6) on WOW in 2019. Image by AES MS CC-BY

Many students have been wondering what happened to the WOW trip. Others don’t even know what a WOW trip is. And since we have not had a WOW since November of 2019, most people are wondering if we will even have a WOW trip this year either.

The good news is that WOW is being planned for the week of March 7-11th. The trips will be different this year from in the past, but they will still try to meet the same objectives.

WOW stands for Week withOut Walls.


AES takes WOW trips because WOW trips are hard to plan due to COVID but the purpose will help students make new friends, learn how to work in groups, experience Indian culture, get students safely out of their comfort zone, and way more. Although the trip probably will be day trips we can make the best out of it.


WOW this year will be day-long activities and trips over three days. The first day will be about going around Delhi and discovering more about India. The second day will be community day, where we will be with our grade level groups on campus. The third day will be hiking and rock climbing at Manager Village. To find out more about this trip you can watch Miss Mac's video below:


We interviewed a few 8th graders about their experience during the 6th grade WOW trip and they said, ”We made new friends by the groupings we were put in for activities, and that required teamwork and it pushed us out of our comfort zone.” The 8th graders (who were 6th graders when they went on WOW) said they played a group game where they got pipes with metal balls. So they had to put the ball through the pipes while holding the pipes and they put the metal balls inside of a hole.

Sounds like fun! What are you excited about for WOW? Tell us in the comments.

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