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Delhi Air Pollution

As you probably know the air pollution in Delhi can be very bad, there are lots of risks involved with going outside without any protection. I assume you all live in Delhi so all this information can be useful. I will try to cover the topics in most detail and try to point out the situations where it can be bad for you.

When the AQI in Delhi is above 350, you are basically smoking a pack of cigarettes that day…if you are not wearing a mask.

9,000,000 (9 million) people die per year because of hazardous air pollution.

Lots of air pollution can be extremely irritating for your mucus glands,

If you have asthma going outside is a very bad idea since you could suffer respiratory distress. Things you can do to help reduce the air pollution.

If your home has a chimney, use a filter, it will reduce the smoke coming out of your chimney.

Wherever you go outside in your car make your trips wisely, don’t go in and out several times when you can go from one place to another.

While in a traffic jam or a red light, turn off your engine, you can save some fuel and less smoke in the air.

Delhi Air Pollution
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