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News in 90 Season 11 episode 2

Hello Middle school! Above is Season 11, episode 2. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see it in assembly, so here it is!

Here is the script:
S: Do you smell that? It smells like updog in here K: What’s updog? S: What’s up dogs, and welcome to season 11 episode 2 of News in 90 K: Let’s get right into the news! S: Our first topic of the day is leaked reports that the iPhone 16 will have a vertical camera layout just like the iPhone 12; this change will be made to accommodate for spacial video for the Apple Vision Pro. Speaking of the Vision Pro, consumers who bought it have started to return it because of complaints of it being too heavy to wear for long periods of time. K: The Odysseus lunar lander of NASA landed on the moon a few days ago.  The Odysseus lunar lander, also known as "Odie" or IM-1, has achieved the historic feat of becoming the first U.S.-made spacecraft to successfully land on the moon in five decades. The lander, developed by Intuitive Machines, is in an upright position and has begun transmitting data. However, it had a technical problem before landing. More information is coming. S: The 2023-2024 Beach Soccer World Cup in Dubai just finished! Imagine playing soccer on a beautiful beach with the iconic Burj Khalifa in the background– so cool, right? Teams from almost everywhere showed off their skills on the sandy field. It wasn't just about soccer; they had dances, music, and food from all over the world. It just finished with the Brazilians conquering the beaches. It was a mega football party!  S: For our next topic, we have the latest Mario vs. Donkey Kong game. Mario vs. Donkey Kong which was recently released on February 16th.  It’s a remake of the classic version released on the Game Boy Advanced released in 2004. The game has had an overall positive response with it receiving a 7 on IGN. Which is pretty good. K: Ooh, I gotta go buy this game right now! I tried the demo, and it’s fun! S: I prefer Sonic, he is just better.  S: On the topic of speed…… S: F1 racing is back! The first race will be this weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix, I hope Luis  Hamilton wins. What about you? K: McLaren all the way! S: Well…. Karanjot: That’s all the time we have! See you in the next News in 90! (both dance, then funny outro plays with credits) See more stories from the News in 90 crew! - #Karanjot, #Sumer, #Vyom, #Vivaan, #Vivaan #RJ

News in 90 Season 11 episode 2
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