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This is Your Chance to be Part of History!

ASIAC Season 4 officially begins tomorrow. This is the last season of the year, so make sure to try out. The AES teams have won first place in every sport in the first three seasons of ASIAC this year. Season 1

Boys Soccer: 1st and 2nd

Girls Soccer: 1st and 3rd

Season 2

Badminton: 1st Overall

Table Tennis: 1st Overall

Season 3

Boys Volleyball: 1st and 3rd

Girls Volleyball: 1st and 4th

Tennis: 1st Overall That means you could be part of history if you try out for one of the teams yourself in the activities and work hard to win. Season 4

Boys Basketball: This could be you!

Girls Basketball: This could be you!

Swimming: This could be you! The sports for this season are swimming and basketball. You should definitely try out for swimming since summer is starting and who doesn’t want to jump in the pool after a long hot day. Basketball is fun because you can play with a supporting team. This is the last opportunity for the 8th graders and the people who will unfortunately be leaving this years since this will be the last ASIAC season of the year. #AESevents #AwESome #ASIAC

This is Your Chance to be Part of History!
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