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6 Reasons Why Adopting a Dog Makes your Life Awesome

They don’t call a dog a man’s best friend for nothing! Dog’s have proven again and again to be amazing companions. Dogs can improve our lives in so many ways and have many benefits. Before adopting a dog it’s crucial to consider that caring for a dog is hard work and a lifetime commitment. Here are some great reasons to help you consider before adopting a dog:
Amazing companions First of all, dogs are amazing companions. Having a dog can prevent you from feeling lonely. Most dogs are highly sociable and love to be in someone else’s company . A national survey of pet owners and non-pet owners by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute reported that 85% of participants believed that interaction with pets reduces loneliness. Owning a dog can make you feel needed and wanted. And nothing beats loneliness like coming home to a happy dog!
Help to stay active One of the well known benefits of owning a dog is they can help keep you active. One British study found that dog owners are about 4 times more likely than other people to meet today’s physical activity guidelines . Taking a walk, hike or run with your dog are fun and rewarding ways to stay healthy and active. Owning a dog can encourage you and your dog to start and stay active, which supports your health as well as theirs. Image by Marius CC-BY TuyTuy jumping happily Add structure to your schedule Owning a dog requires a regular feeding and exercise schedule. Keeping a consistent routine helps to keep your dog calm and balanced, as well as yourself. Keeping a schedule is a vital skill that you can learn while owning a dog. One woeful look from your dog and you’ll have to get out of bed to feed, exercise, and care for them.
Alleviate stress With a dog by your side they can offer comfort and ease your worries. Just petting a familiar dog can provide sensory stress relief. Stroking a dog can lower your blood pressure and help you to feel calmer quicker. Scientists at Washington State University found that just 10 minutes petting a dog can have a significant impact. Dogs tend to live in the moment and can even help you to become more mindful.
Image by Sasha CC-BY Sophie relaxed and sleeping Make you more sociable One surprising benefit of owning a dog is the way they add to your social life. Your dog can get you out of the house and get you trying new things you’ve never considered before. Whether you’re exploring a new pet shop or exploring new places on your walks you’re bound to meet new people. Sometimes it’s hard to stop and chat with a stranger while on a walk by yourself but dog owners know how easy it is when your dogs want to be friends.
Teach you valuable skills Training a dog requires skills that are useful in other aspects of our lives such as kindness, patience, and effort. Owning a dog can also teach us to be responsible. Feeding, walking, and grooming can put us in charge of our dogs and can train you to be a good caretaker. Taking care of a dog encourages valuable life skills.
In conclusion, dogs are amazing friends and have many benefits. But keep in mind that dogs aren’t for everyone and that adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. It’s important to understand what owning a dog might look like before adopting one and to consider the pros and cons of owning one.

6 Reasons Why Adopting a Dog Makes your Life Awesome
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