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ASIAC Football!

As the students from Chennai and Bombay made their way along the parade route from the Peace Garden to the Tiger Turf, the crowd cheered to recognized the start of the first ASIAC tournament of the year. But as the American Embassy School came through at the end of the parade, the roar was unmatched. Colored balloons dropped from the ES Bridge, matching the school colors of each team. One ASB coach proudly exclaimed, “Our kids felt like Bollywood stars!” Photo Credit: Sora Shiraki Throughout the tournament, kids from the three schools played hard and tried to win the title. Kids in the tournament had to run for long periods of time in the sun, whereas I could barely even watch the game, in that heat. The energy of the fans was exhilarating, through every time the ball got close to the goal, or a great pass was made, all the fans cheered and rooted for their school. And all of it took place at our school. Photo Credit: Sora Shiraki The ASIAC season started with the parade, in which the students participating in the tournament walked through the school, and accepted high fives and cheers. This was accompanied by drums, performances, and an appearance by big T, and his Albino colleague. Photo Credit: Sora Shiraki “One thing I am expecting is a great tournament, and great team sportsmanship. This will be a fun one!” – AES boys head coach, Coach Remy.
“I make kids happy.” – Big T
“We don’t take any L’s.” – Entire AES girls team
“Our team is top 2, but we ain’t the 2nd one.” – AES 8th Grade fan, Arjun All in all, over the next two days of competition, we hope to see sportsmanship, hard work, and great soccer skills displayed on our two fields. For scores from the weekend click this website link. #Sports #8thGrade #SchoolNews #ASIAC #SpiritWeek #7thGrade #6thGrade #AwESome

ASIAC Football!
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