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Don’t just sit there do something! How CoronaVirus is the perfect opportunity to improve...

When Corona is over I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who didn’t even make the football team is now the team captain. This is because that person is actually smart! They’re thinking of the coronavirus as a gift not a curse. While you were sitting there doing nothing wasting your time this kid who didn’t even make the team, practiced every single day of lockdown to become the best version of himself and become better then you and everyone else on the team. They took advantage of the situation and are only going to get better from now on. But you should also do the same thing, it’s not like the corona virus is going away anytime soon.
I also did this, at the beginning of 2020 I was so bad at basketball, and all my friends would make fun of me. But during this pandemic I worked every single day to improve my game and I feel that when I go back to school I will be better than most of my friends. I Interviewed a student in 8th grade and he says “I wish I would have done the same thing as you so that my overall game will improve because next year we’ll be in mesac and the competition level will be higher too.” I replied to him saying that scientists predict that the coronavirus isn’t going for another few months. So you still have time to get better as long as you’re not putting your health at risk.
At hletes playing basketball during coronavirus while wearing the new Under armor face mask for sports, 06.11.2020 This not only applies to sports this applies to everything that you do. Whether it be in a subject like math or science, or something like your personal hobbie this is also the perfect time to get better in those. You also don’t need to be bad at something to get better at it, even if you’re good at something it doesn’t mean you can’t get better. Because from now on it’s going to only get more tuff in the future. We asked another AES student what he improved on and how he did it, and he says, “I worked on getting better in reading because that has always been my weakest skill, so instead of thinking I’ll never get better I had a growth mindset and during this lockdown I read so many books one after another, and because I read all these books I noticed improvements.”
If you were one of the kids who didn’t build on their skills/weaknesses it isn’t too late. There’s always a way you can do practice even if facilities are closed for example do at home workouts, or go to a space where you’re alone and practice by yourself or with a family member. In sports the offseason is where you improve your game so next year you come back even better, so think of the coronavirus as that. What I’m saying doesn’t only apply to right now, you should always try to get better at everything that you do.

Don’t just sit there do something! How CoronaVirus is the perfect opportunity to improve...
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