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Game Review:Among Us

Among Us is a game that I usually play with my friends, and is played by more than 100 million people in the world. Among Us is popular for a reason – there are a few specific good things and bad things about this game.
Positive reviews are… First, it’s quite simple to play, because it’s mostly like a Mafia game that many of you have played in your real life. Inner Sloth, the company that made this game, said this about why they developed the game: “How can we play Mafia without taking a long time to find people to play with?” The reason why they made the game called among us to play with other people easily.
Second, it’s a quick and fast game. When people play this game, it only takes 5 to 15 minutes to finish. As the characteristics of mobile games are played quickly, Among Us is the good amount of time to play games.
Third, Among Us has good quality and good graphics. As I said, it’s a simple and quick game, but even though it’s a simple and quick game, Among Us has really good quality and graphics. For example, it has multiple maps, a variety of rules, lots of missions, and skins which makes games more fun.
But negative reviews are… First, since most people want to be an Imposter (Mafia), lots of people quit a game at the start and rejoin another game room as soon as they get a crewmate (innocent) role. This makes other people feel bored and frustrated with their game.
Second, there are bugs, glitches, and cheater problems. Because it’s a game that still needs some improvement, it has some bugs and glitches to fix. But the most serious problem is that cheaters keep increasing as the game is becoming more famous. For example, I had an experience where everyone got killed by an imposter in just 1 second, which was quite infuriating and annoying.
This was all my review about the game called “Among us”, and it’s just my objective opinion, so just take it as a reference if you want to know more about Among us.

Game Review:Among Us
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