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Gold in Action: The Next Generation

Honoring the Middle Schooler’s on MESAC

February 2nd – 5th, 2017

Who are they and What are they made of?

Photo Credits: Isaac Currey, Jennifer Eliot and the AISC Photographers MESAC Girl’s Soccer: Charlotte “Charlie” Rustum: Already proving herself vengeful in the ASIAC tournaments, Charlie has now added her speed, her expertise and her quick reflexes to MESAC soccer. With every strike, every pass and with every interception, Charlie is goal-thirsty, and her team mates know that when it gets to the game, she will attack. One of the fastest, most articulate players on the pitch, to stop her you must keep in mind that she will come back even faster and furious. Always on target, to give Charlie possession is as fearful as a tiger on the loose. Charlie Rustum will strike back – and no one can get in her way. GaYoung Park: One of the most experienced players on the pitch, GaYoung is what we call: The Flash. She is what we call a Field General. With every ball she passes, a goal is struck. One of the top assisters in the tournament, her performance reflects exactly what she is: Deadly. GaYoung will never go down without a fight. Every touch she considers is valuable – she will not waste a second. One of the top goal scorers in the ASIAC tournament, she is sharp-witted, and her performance is unmatchable. Her #1 priority is her team. She will never, ever let you down. Drienna Muca: New to the sport, she played her first ASIAC tournament defending for the winning team. Weeks later she’s travelling for MESAC, with her one goal in view from the very start: to have fun. Driena plays like no other in the sport. She charges every ball, every opponent with her direct force and confrontation. Known for her powerful kick, she never misses a goal with her steel-hard legs. A very diligent player when it comes to her duty, it’s guaranteed Driena will never let you slip away from her grasp. Her ball skills have proven a great treasure – she isn’t afraid of powerful balls headed her way. She’ll use any part of her body to keep the ball in possession. Drienna has proven herself valuable in less than 5 months. Emily Granelli: A very brutal player, Emily knows her game. Playing defence for all levels of experienced players, don’t underestimate her short figure. If you ever do get past her, she will chase you down no matter where you go until the ball is at her feet. Known most for when the ball is in her hands, her throws can match no other. The #1 assister by throws, they length from the distance of the half field line to the goal line – in which some professional players cannot match. It’s never easy to get past Emily Granelli. She will zoom herself in front of you, and before you know it she’ll be across the field. No one can get past Emily Grinelli. Andrea Voelcker: A very fierce player, Andrea will waste no time with the ball when she gets it. Both defending and striking, Andrea plays smartly. With every pass she gives, a game changing play occurs. Known for her tough defence, Andrea knows what it’s like to be under pressure – but will never, ever let it get to her. Her kicks go long, strong and far, and she’s not afraid to go full on when it matters, which is always for Andrea. She will not let the ball get far from her grasp. Not when she needs it most. Maya Horn: Don’t underestimate Maya Horn. Ever. Creating immense opportunities for her team, she plays with instinct, not brain. Maya knows what valuables she brings to the team: Her horse-power speed, her great instinct. Every move she makes is for her team. One of the most silly and collaborative players off the field, Maya is deadly on the green. Known for her smart plays, she will never let posession run away from her. She will always test her limits, and they’re always a success. Maya Horn will never run out of creativity. MESAC Boy’s Soccer: Keisuke Sakamoto: Proving a deadly player in ASIAC, Keisuke has shown everyone that he’s the real deal. His skills are always noticed, and his shots always hit his target, no matter what the circumstances are. Keisuke has proven that he can play anyone, anywhere and at any time. His speed and tireless effort cannot be matched. He can play any position you put him in with the mindset that he’ll always win, he’s shown us what soccer really is through his passion for the game, and skill when on the pitch. Jagan Singh Kalsi: Don’t think because he’s friendly off the field that he’ll be friendly on it. Jagan believes that every second of the game is valuable. That time is incredibly valuable. He uses his razor-sharp focus to make game-changing plays, and dribbles with his great mentality. Jaigan will not let the ball get away from him without a fight. Known for his creativity, every move of his will be unexpected. Jaigan has immense experience with the game, and is not afraid to make an immediate move for the goal. Jagan knows how to play the game. He won’t let you think anything else. Ritvik Kumar: Commonly called “Ritu”, he is a high-ranked player among his team. He’ll prove that to you with his first touch. With every pass he receives, he charges towards the goal. Ritu doesn’t stop. He doesn’t think twice. Proving himself a game-changer, when the ball is at Ritu’s feet, his opponents are in trouble. He is always goal-hungry, and aims for a large celebration when time is up. Ritu has shown that he is fearless no matter where on the pitch he is. He will never waste a second on the pitch. Rishav Kumar: Known as “Rishu”, he is a valuable player to any team he’s on. One of the smartest players on the field, he is a mastermind behind game-changing plays. His passes come with extreme precision, and one of the speediest players on the pitch. Always one step ahead, Rishu brings his expertise to the team, his great skill and passion for the game, proven by his incredible attempts on goal. Bringing his super mentality on the green, Rishu is the one player you’ll never see with a frown on his face. His continuous support encourages all his teammates, no matter what circumstance they’re in. Henry von Bonsdorff: The best at what he does, Henry knows the sport like the back of his hand; and he cherishes it. Proving a vital player in the ASIAC tournaments, Henry has brought his incredible skill, talent with the ball and expertise to the sport, and to his team. Known for being a dominating player on the field, Henry knows when to dribble, when to strike, when to cover and when to strike. His skill is remarkable – every twist, every turn and every crossover is deadly for his opponents, whomever they may be. Henry knows how to turn a sticky situation into a game-changing play – his talent follows him wherever he goes. MESAC Wrestling: Ethan Banerjee: Just because Ethan’s tremendously friendly off the mat, don’t expect him to be the same on the mat. He will tire you out, blocking your every shot, and striking when you’re off guard anytime he can. Ethan will never let you forget who he is. He will show you his strength and ferocity with every hold and buckle – with every move, he will make you regret you even laid hands on him. Protective of his spot on the mat, you’ll be sure to remember Ethan for a very long time. Jaden Cilliers: A lanky player with unmatchable height, what Jaden brings to his team and the sport is like no other. He brings his long reach and quick reflexes to the sport, and it proves him endlessly skillful. Known for his rapid moves, Jaden will not think twice about what he’s about to do next. He treats the sport like no other, keeping in mind the one goal he’s had from the very start: to have fun. Every match Jaden plays, the crowd breaks out in smiles and goes berserk. One of the funniest and silliest players away from an audience, when he’s on the mat Jaden is one to remember with his outstanding performances. Deacon Campbell: Deacon has shown us what the sport really is about: it’s about competition, it’s about being tough, but most importantly: Wrestling is about never giving up. Deacon is a strong competitor who will never back down from a fight. He has proven that he can play anyone, anywhere and at anytime; and the MESAC tournament was the perfect opportunity. Making the most of the tournament, Deacon has shown everyone that he is a player to watch out for. A very individual competitor, relying on no other than himself to make him proud, Deacon will never go down without a fight. Stephen Azua: Stephen is as tough as tough gets. As determined as determination gets. As fierce as fierce gets. Stephen is a serious competitor. He’s on the mat for business. Started from his raw talent, Stephen is now as strong and competitive as before, and he’s come to bring you down. When Stephen Azua is on the mat, you’ll be trembling inside. One of the most valuable players to his team, Stephen is a player who relies on his instinct – never thinking twice. You must be sure to watch out for Stephen. Julen McLoughlin-Alcoz: One of the most experienced with the sport, Julen is a very meticulous player, paying close attention to his opponent to single him out with a strike. Known for his smart play, Julen is the player to watch out for; he could easily be described as a tiger – thirsty for a win. Keep an eye out for Julen: he’s as tough and fierce as can be, and will not step away until his hand is raised in the air to call his win. Coming back to Delhi with a silver medal in his pocket, Julen has proved himself vengeful, tough and strategical in this tournament with every move on the mat. A very dangerous player, do remember to keep an eye out for Julen. MESAC Girl’s Basketball: Isabella “Bella” Baca: Don’t mistake her short figure for a low-ranked player. Isabella is NOT. Helping her team immensely with her loud voice for encouragement, she brings her speed and her tough figure to whichever team she serves. Always fighting to get open, Bella is one of the masterminds behind great hoops and keeps possession in her hands. Bella is a competitor who will never back down from anything. Ellen Eriksson: You’ll have to jump higher than you need to to block Ellen. Known for her comical, funny and silly personality when off the court, Ellen is dead serious on it. With her tall stature, Ellen can go to heights that others on her team can’t just yet. A quick, smart and strong player, every second of every quarter means competition for Ellen. She’ll play the game focused and encouraging, and she’s told us all through her performance that she knows what she’s doing with every dribble, intercept and shot. One of the most experienced players on the court, Ellen knows the game like the back of her hand, and uses this to her advantage. Be prepared to take on Ellen Eriksson. Tenzin Dorji: A very experienced player, Tenzin knows the game. It’s her game – and she’s the player you’d better keep your eyes on. She moves as quick as your eyes can follow, and she shoots as accurate as the arrow on a bulls-eye. When Tenzin has the ball in her hands, she’ll never let it go unless she’s taking a meticulous shot to the hoop. Know for her expertise with the game and unmatchable performance, Tenzin is definitely the one to beat and keep your close attention on. When you’re not living up to her expectations, she’ll tell you so. Don’t expect Tenzin to be kind to you on the court, even if she is off it. Tenzin respects the game, and it’s her number one priority to make herself and her team proud. Don’t underestimate Tenzin Dorji. Dana Tegegn: A quick player on the court, Dana brings her speed, her stature, her unmatchable mentality and creative play to her team. Dana is a firm and absolute player when it comes to guarding, and her quick reflexes when it comes to attacking. Dana uses instinct when on the court, and her instincts always prove a valuable source to her team. Determined to make a go-for-it whenever she receives the ball, Dana has proved herself impeccable when it comes to contributing to her team. Playing basketball also means another thing for Dana – it’s time to have fun. MESAC Boy’s Basketball: Genta Kanno: When you hear his name, you know what he does. Genta can be compared to anyone – he’ll surprise you with his exceeding performance. With every pass, dribble and shot comes a performance hard to match, and close to perfection. One of the most experienced players to ever take the MESAC court, Genta knows the game like the back of his hand. His skill is unlike any seen before: quick, driving but calm and flawless at the same time. A player who stands out in his unmatchable performance, Genta is hard to get past. If one manages to do so, he won’t let you go. Genta is always ready to play anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Yusuke Kinokuni: An incredibly quiet and calm player off the court, don’t mistake Yusuke to be any of those things on it. An outstanding performance always comes out of the 8th grader, but his thinking behind every move is what the audience finds fascinating. No one can guess Yusuke’s next move, and he’s always in for showing his audience a surprise. A long shot, an unimaginable skill, a drive through when a huddle of opponents stand right in front of him. Yusuke plays smart on the court, and it’s proven successful every second of the way. Bringing tremendous skill and raw talent to whatever team he’s chosen to serve on, Yusuke will never let you down no matter what the situation is at hand. Which is always, in fact, winning. #8thGrade #MESAC #Sports

Gold in Action: The Next Generation
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