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Here is why you should play ‘Animal Crossing – New Horizon’

Don’t you think recent games are all about fighting? Are you looking for a game that is peaceful and full of happiness? Then ‘Animal Crossing – New Horizon’ is the right game for you!
The purpose of game
Animal Crossing is a game that lets you explore a world. The purpose of this game is very simple: fishing, collecting, putting furniture into your house, meeting with cute villagers, etc. It’s basically enjoying nature and decorating your own island. 
Image by Yuno, Yuno, in his house Your island goes through the four seasons and in each season you’ll see many new kinds of creatures, and tons of new furniture to fill your house. It sounds simple on the outside, but once on the inside is quite complex!
One of the best features of Animal Crossing is that it offers no goals to players. It’s a never ending game and it is the thing that makes this game so special. For example, in the Legend of Zelda – the Breath of Wild, the goal of this game is defeating Gannon who is the main villain. These kinds of goals give slight pressure to players while they are playing games. But Animal Crossing doesn’t! No goals, no pressure!
What do you think about this game? It is definitely a great game, and I hope you get a chance to play Animal Crossing – New Horizon.  Image by Yuno, Yuno holding a butterfly #Game #Reviews

Here is why you should play ‘Animal Crossing – New Horizon’
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