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Old memes, gold memes

MEMES are one of the most popular kind of pictures that became viral since 1940 when the first meme was made. But what’s the history of them? What’s the history behind all these brilliant pictures that became so popular around the world?

Let’s go back in time and find out more about the old meme called “Kilroy was here”. “Kilroy was here” first appeared in US during the WW2 and it became very popular at that time. You could see the little guy behind the wall looking at you painted on every wall.

Let’s go further in time and let’s talk about “Bob and the Subgenius”. One of the most controversial memes in the history, “Bob and the Subgenius” first appeared in 1980’s and it symbolized a man named Bob who “came from death” multiple times. The Church that owns the trademark and copyright on the image of “Bob”, denies any similarity between this claim and the Biblical account of Jesus’s resurrection. The famous image of “Bob” became popular in the comic The Badger, his form having been taken by a demon who commented at one point “Do? I’m going to beat you to death with this pipe.”. Since then, the image was used for many memes and Bob and his pipe will be remembered in the history as one of the best memes.

Moving on to one of the most recent memes, the ugandan knuckles warriors take control of the world in the VR universe. Asking you if “ u kno da wae” the little ugandans became one of the most popular memes of 2018. Making their appearance between January 24th and 27th it still competes for the Meme of The Year.

In my opinion as a 7th grader memes are important in our lives because they make us laugh any time we see them and it gives us the entertainment for an entire day. Without memes the world would be black and white. #6thGrade #7thGrade #8thGrade #History

Old memes, gold memes
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