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Orientation Week: A Students View

This week the Middle School returned to campus. The 6th graders returned on Monday and Wednesday and the 7th and 8th graders came on Tuesday and Thursday. I am an 8th grader and went on campus on Tuesday;, here’s what happened.
In the morning, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The Middle School had only given us a set of rules and guidelines to follow which were: Wash your hands, Wear a mask, and Keep your distance. They also gave us a list of supplies we needed(a water bottle, snack, iPad, 3 masks, etc.) I was nervous but excited to see what campus looked like. Once I got on campus I went to find my advisory. I wasn’t sure where to go but with the help of a teacher, I was able to find my advisory. In my advisory there was only me, one another 8th grader, and our advisor: Ms. Elkins.
We received some more information so we could stay safe and received our schedules. Because my advisory was only two students we joined another advisory in Mr. Feeley’s room and we talked about what the day was going to look like.
At 9:55 we took a tour of the middle school and some of the other facilities around campus so any new students could have an idea of where to go to class. Then all 8th graders went to the HOP.
In the HOP chairs were placed 6 feet apart. Then we were given a health talk about COVID-19 and a health unit nurse gave us information on what would happen if someone got sick in school, what you should do when you feel unwell, what happens when you are a ‘close contact’, and much more. The school has made two quarantine rooms that are separated from the Accidents and Appointments Office for students that feel unwell. Both office and quarantine rooms are only accessible by ringing a doorbell and the nurses allowing you in.
Next we were released by row so we could prevent crowding. All 8th graders were told to head to their P.1 class. Each teacher had 10 minutes each to explain what their class is going to look like and any additional information. We were also told to sanitise our hands every time we enter and exit a class. Then I went to my P.2, 3, 4 classes.
After my P.4 class we then had a 15 minute break before we went to our other 4 classes. You could hang out in the 8th grade room, Jalsa, or if you wanted to eat a snack you had to go to the HOP where the seats were 6 feet apart and you were allowed to take off your mask so you could eat.
After break I went to my P.5, 6, 7, and 8 classes. There were only 20 8th graders on Tuesday. My largest class had 6 people and in my two smallest classes, I was the only student in-person.
All 8th graders then went to advisory. In advisory we debriefed and shared our thoughts on how the day went. At 11:45 we were released, if you have a sibling in elementary you could go to the HOP and wait so you could pick them up. After picking up my sibling I left campus at 12:00.
At the end of the day it felt good to return to campus and see students and teachers face to face. Throughout the day I felt safe with the many guidelines we were given. The hardest part was social distancing because we had to always be aware of how close we were to other students. I sanitised my hands so many times that I lost count and I never even took off my mask the whole time. I hope school continues hybrid and that we can all return to school safely.

Orientation Week: A Students View
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