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Vivo IPL 2021

The IPL is back again for its 14th season and the question everyone is asking is kiska mantra kaam ayega (whose mantra will work)? From Super V (Virat Kohli) to The Hitman (Rohit Sharma), it is going to be an explosion of runs and a lot of close contests from this year’s IPL. Before looking to the future to make predictions about the season, we need to look back at the ten games that have already been played. The ten games that have already been played could very well be indicative of results for the rest of the IPL season. However, in this COVID season, that very well may not be the case. A close look at those ten matches reveal some interesting results. First, teams are not moving around as much. Second, the idea of “home ground” has a very different meaning this year. Game 1, Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians The season opener was the battle of super v vs hitman. It promised to be a close and boy was it ever close. Mumbai started off with the hitman being run out and from there started to rebuild until the final 4 overs when Harshal Patel the new guy flew the batting line up picking up 5 wickets and becoming the first ever to do so against Mumbai Indians. In the end Mumbai ended up with a modest 159. In reply Bangalore’s skipper super v started with a bang hit the bowlers out of the park but 2 wickets fell around him. Glenn Maxwell or the big show came out to bat with many wondering if he could finally do sorm good in the IPL. He and super v took control of the game until bumrah who one of the greatest bowlers of the world took out super v and then Maxwell. And then in walked Mr. 360, super, Ab De Villiers. Call him whatever you want. This man is a beast. As Bangalore started to crumble he faced fire and took the bowlers to the cleaner wiping out bumrah as well. This continued to the last 3 balls until he too was run out. The game was set, 2 runs were needed off 2 balls. It was anyone’s game, in walks Harshal Patel. After Siraj(a bowler) got a quick single Patel needed just 1 run of the last ball. As Marco Jansen threw the perfect Yorker, Patel dug it out and got a run. He was the hero as Mumbai the 5-time champions had been beaten in the first game. Game 2, Delhi capitals vs Chennai Super Kings The second game of the IPL saw the veteran(Dhoni) versus the rookie(Pant). Chennai started off horribly losing both their openers. Moeen Ali and Chennai Thale (Suresh Raina) steadied the sinking ship. Dhoni came and went in a span of 2 balls but Sam Curran busted Chennai to a good score of 188 for 7. Chennai thought they had a shot but Delhi had other ideas. The openers Shaw and Dhawan took the game away and by the time Shaw got out it was way to late as Delhi had already gotten too close to Chennai’s score for Chennai to do anything. Delhi won this game comfortably as Pant ended up as the happy skipper. Game 3, Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad Game 3 was the battle of the 2 overseas captains, Warner vs Morgan. Morgan’s team(Kolkata) started with a bang. Both openers whacked the ball all around the park and so did the middle order giving them a respectable total of 187. Hyderabad did terribly up front losing 2 early wickets. The middle-order brought them back into the game with good innings from Bairstow and Pandey. But they went shortly afterward and Kolkata had the game in the bag but Abdul Samad did give them a scare but he could not do it for Hyderabad as they finished on 177/5. Game 4, Punjab King vs Rajasthan Royals Oh, this was a crackerjack of a match. These 2 teams were led by 2 young captains Rahul and Samson. Punjab took Rajasthan to the cleaners as it was Rahul, Gayle, and Hooda that took them to a mammoth score of 221. For Rajasthan, it was a one-man army led by Samson as he took up the lone fight. He demolished anyone who came in sight and brought them so close that before the last over it looked like Rajasthan had a shot. But then Arshdeep Singh produced a wonderful over for Punjab and they beat Rajasthan by 4 runs with Samson stuck on 119. But he did play one heck of a knock. Game 5: Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight riders This is the game where crazy Chennai started. Mumbai batted first and got off to a strong start but lost their way utterly. Andre Russel who only bowled 12 balls for Kolkata took 5 wickets. Mumbai collapsed from 86/1 to being 152 all out. Kolkata started off well and even though they were losing wickets at regular intervals they were making good pace. They needed 31 of 30 balls which is tremendously easy and that’s when chaos ensued. Russel and Karthik just kept playing too slow and by the time they started to hit it was too late. They could do nothing and to make things worse they both got out. Would you believe Mumbai won by 10 runs and Kolkata were stunned. Game 6: Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad Oh wait Chennai is not done yet get ready to see déjà vu. Rcb batted first and king kohli as well maxwell got them 91 for 2 before the king fell. Oh after that superman came and went and everything just crumbled but maxwell stayed putting on a lone fight but a valid one as he got Bangalore to 149/8. Hyderabad started with a bang and the top order rocked Rcb very hard but after seeing what happened last night they knew one wicket could change everything. Warner finally fell at 96/2 and 2 overs later the drama came. Shahbaz Ahmed took 3 wickets in 6 balls taking out Hyderabad’s batting one by one and from there despite a scare from Rashid Khan Bangalore cruised to victory by 6 runs. But unfortunately for Hyderabad their Chennai woes were only getting started. Game 7 Delhi capitals vs Rajasthan Royals If you thought Chennai was crazy you wait until you have heard about this match. Delhi started off horribly being 37/4 but then the captain stepped up and some lower-order players helped him to get to a very flimsy 147/8. Rajasthan started of worse being 42/5 but then it was 2 South African players that stole the David miller started and gave hope to Rajasthan when they needed it most as Delhi was on the back foot but miller finally went and it seemed like all hope was lost but then came in Chris Morris. He was bought this year by Rajasthan for 16 crore as he became the most expensive player in league history. Rajasthan needed an impossible-looking 27 of 12 but with 2 sixes from Morris, it was 12 of 6 needed. But Morris being cool as ever he hit 2 sixes to snatch the game away from Delhi as they won by 2 balls. Game 8, Chennai super kings vs Punjab kings Oh finally, a one-sided game. Punjab lost their sense of batting a got steam strolled by Chennai as Deepak Chahar bowled out Punjab as Shahrukh Khan was the only batsman to make 40 but Punjab got out for 106. It was a walk in the park for Chennai and there is nothing much to say Chennai strolled to an easy win as the Top order just glided to that total. Chennai had blown away Punjab. Game 9, Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad Oh Chennai, why are you so crazy. This match was just insane. Mumbai started decently as their top order got them to 98/3 and then Pollard got them to a decent 150. Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Oh man, what have you done with these innings? They were cruising at 68 without loss and all of a sudden batsman started dropping like flies as it was just absurd what was happening. No one could get going as Mumbai wrapped up Hyderabad for 137. What a turnaround. Game 10 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders As the games progressed the Chennai pitch was portrayed as a hard pitch to bat on at 150 was a good total but this game threw that thought out the window. Bangalore did not start well, losing Kohli and Shahbaz was not good. But Maxwell arrived to the party and steadied things out and by the time Mr. 360 (ab de Villiers) came out, it was perfectly poised for his show. He and Maxwell wacked Kolkata and when Maxwell got out he kept going on his Mary way and Bangalore smashed 204. Kolkata didn't do very well at the start being 80 for 4, but Andre Russel put up quite a fight but the second last over just ensured Bangalore’s victory and they won by 36 runs as they went 3 for 3 in this competition. Points of each team after 10 game: Royal challengers Bangalore- 3 wins
Mumbai Indians- 2 wins 1 loss
Delhi capitals- 1 win 1 loss
Chennai Super Kings- 1 win 1 loss
Rajasthan Royals- 1 win 1 loss
Punjab Kings- 1 win 1 loss
Kolkata Knight Riders- 1 win 2 loss
Sunrisers Hyderabad- 3 losses Now it’s time to make 7 predictions for what will happen this season based in the first 10 games. Predictions: Hyderabad will end the tournament in last place because they just don’t have the balance or proper intent. Harshal Patel will take the most wickets as he is in top form. Ab de villiers will end up with the most runs as he consistently is hitting hard. The top 4 teams will be Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai. There will be at least 3 tied games. The finalists will be Bangalore and Delhi. Bangalore will win. There it is, wow. So much cricket has already happened and there are 50 more games to go. We’ll see if I’m right then. See more stories from #Rishi <---here.

Vivo IPL 2021
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