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A Look Back On This School Year

Students working online at AES during hybrid learning of three different styles of learning in the last year. Image by Isaac Currey CC-BY

For a lot of us this has been the craziest year of our lives. We went from all in person with many ASAs and plans to 100% online where everything shut down, then slowly started to move forward by going in two days a week. But now we have moved back to full online classes and it feels exactly like last year, only worse.

Zoom classes can be challenging, but some students think that “Zoom is a great way to stay connected with people during the pandemic.” Under these circumstances Zoom has been helpful because of all its features that help us and other schools all over the world learn better throughout these confusing times. Yes it’s not as good as in person learning, but Zoom is a wonderful communication tool for right now.

Since the start of last year we have experienced three ways of learning: In person 5 days a week with everyone, in person 2 days a week with about half of the school and then 5 days a week fully online doing zoom calls. While some students really miss all in person classes because it’s been so long many AES MS kids actually prefer hybrid learning the best. Although learning from home everyday is the safest option, especially right now, there’s no denying many of us miss the comforts of learning in a classroom.

Apart from missing normal classrooms students miss the kiosk, Tiger’s Den and other shops or activities that COVID has caused us to shut down. Many 8th graders are feeling bad that they can’t have a graduation ceremony with friends, staff and family. Luckily a couple months ago we were able to have Fort Frenzy with all group A students one day and group B students another day. 7th grade was able to have a community day with every 7th grade student a few weeks before we moved back to full time virtual learning.

Now that the school year is coming to an end the question of “What will next year look like?” is resurfacing. As you probably already know this school year will end online just like last year, so, many people are leaving India for the summer a little early. Hopefully by next school year we’ll be able to return to campus with the whole grade and learn again like we once did. Personally I hope that we will get to go on campus with everyone by this fall but we have to remember that anything could change.

Image by AES MS CC-BY

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