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AES 70th anniversary

AES is celebrating its 70th anniversary and kicked off the week-long event this morning with a wonderful full-school musical performance. On Tuesday, 4 Oct, there was a concert by choir, band, strings, and guitar. The students wore traditional Indian costumes, and they all wore different colors. At the end, a Bollywood dance instructor led a dance party with all the students and some teachers dancing joyfully.

There will be a lot of food to eat and another performance by the band, strings, and choir: the intermediate and advanced strings/bands, high schoolers, and some teachers at the Friday, October 7th kick-off concert.

Then on Saturday, October 8th, there will be a history walk that everyone can join in to learn about the rich history of AES. In the evening, adults in the community can join us for a Gala at the Taj Palace hotel.

Finally, on Sunday, the celebration concludes with a family mela. All family members are invited to campus to attend the mela and build community together.

Our hope is that it will all go right.

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