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AES 7th grade book club(20~21)

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Background information

Everyone knows what book clubs are, right? No? Okay then I will explain. Book clubs are a group of people who read the same book and talk about the book. You make a book club with friends or with your family. However right now in 7th grade, we are doing book clubs in English also.

In 7th grade….

Our English teacher Ms. Rydberg makes our groups and chooses books that we can read. In one group there are 3 to 5 people. After that we talk with our group and plan how much we are going to read. Then when we meet again, we talk about the events of the books(It is easier to make notes of what you are going to talk about in book club meetings).

We meet once a week, 4 times(There is also a week that we rest book club meetings). If we finish our book and the last meeting with our group, the book club is ended.

Interview with Ms. Rydberg

I had an interview with Ms. Rydberg with these questions.


  1. What was the biggest event that you thought to make book clubs?

  2. How do you choose books for students, what is the criteria?

  3. Are there some tips that students can use to write good notes?

  4. What are some parts that students need to focus on when they read their books?

  5. How do you feel when you see students talking a lot about the book?


  1. “Last year she sent a survey to students at the end of the year, and many students wanted book clubs.”

  2. “The genre and reading level of the students was the criteria.”

  3. “Try to read a book with a pencil or a pen. Anything you wrote will be good notes.”

  4. “Need to focus on the connection with what happens in the book and in the character’s own worlds because I think this makes the book more meaningful and makes meaning out of the book. Also try to empathize with the character in the book.”

  5. “It is my highlight of my week and the school year. It is my favourite thing talking to each other without me joining in(just watching). It is the best part of teaching.”

So this was the end of the interview. Thanks for Ms, Rydberg for joining the interview. I hope this helped you. Thank you.

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