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After MAP Comes Music

Everyone in the middle school took a MAP test on April 7th Wednesday. The MAP test was a big event but there was another event that day also. It was an event for music students. After the MAP test the students who have music for their electives, they stayed at school and practiced their instruments with other students.

After the all the schedule ends, students move to their own parts(Band,strings, etc). A group and B group students practice together in the same instrument group. In one part they divide by levels and practice their parts(ex. Beginning, intermediate, advanced, etc). Students practice their instruments for one hour and go back home with their own car.

There will be two more times of practicing instruments for music students after MAP testing on Wednesdays. But right now the school will be closed for 2 weeks(4.12.2021-4.23.2021)because of COVID-19. So the MAP test got canceled and the music events got canceled also. Hope there will be another opportunity to have these events.

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