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Art Showcase

photo made my Amit Shaw

I am sure you have heard of the art showcase where ceramics, photography, mixed media, studio art, and fabrics classes are put together to create this amazing showcase. So let's dive deep and explore what is in the showcase. 

The first thing you see when you step into the showcase are a few photographs of nature, food, and people. 

Then you have some ceramics. Something to look out for is the duck hatching out of the egg, pinch art, and a flower. Amazingly, AES students made these incredible pieces.  

Hanging over the ceramics are tile initials, which are exactly what they sound like - tiles that have the initials of the artists. Next, there are art pieces of humans doing different things like playing a guitar, posind, and walking. 

There is also a pen and ink exhibit. Here, you will find artist amazing looking initials distributed around the showcase in groups. 

Perhaps the highlight of the entire exhibit is the cube sculpture. It is a true sight to behold with cubes hanging by a thread from a giant box. 

Drawings and paintings like the Marvels and a castle are on one wall, and some ceramic boxes are tucked away on a wall. 

You won’t want to miss the light photography section where students are photographed with cool light effects. There are many types of interesting photography techniques being displayed such as macro photography, which is photographing something to make it look bigger than it is in real life. 

The food art hanging next to the paintings will make you hungry due to the spectacular skill exhibited by the artists. Near the end of the showcase are some uninterrupted surface patterns on fabric. Next to that is some amazing-looking Photoshop manipulation. 

I hope you enjoyed the Art Showcase and make sure you don’t miss the next showcase in May.

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