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Next week, ASAs and ASIAC will be starting on campus. Many people will stay behind after school on Thursday, the 10th of February, participating in the offered activities. For ASIAC, you can choose from tennis and volleyball.

The due date to sign up for ASAs and ASIAC is Sunday, the 10th of February. All the options have been posted in your advisory google classroom. You can also find the ASA options on the Middle School Site.

8th graders who joined a MESAC sport in season two (basketball, tennis, cross-country, and soccer) will get to finish their MESAC season with a tournament on the weekend of February 25-26.

Once that season is finished, you can join just two days later when season three starts on the 28th of February. So if you are an 8th grader, you will be able to choose from baseball, softball, badminton, track, and field, and finally, speech and debate.

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