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ASA Quarter 2 Coming For You!

On September 30, 2021,

Are you worried that ASA Quarter 1 is ending soon, and you think that there will be no activities that might interest you? Don’t worry! Middle School ASA Activities Quarter 2 is here and many students are already excited. NEW ASIAC sports will be coming up for the second quarter: Table Tennis, Badminton, and Esports.

There are many other new activities that students are excited to participate in as well. There will be eight new student-led activities and many more opportunities on Wednesday such as Cricket Club, Dot Mandala, and 3D Computer Animation.

On the other hand, some students were wondering why basketball was moved to Quarter 4. Mr. Currey, the ASA coordinator, said, “Students have to be close to each other during practices and games, and with COVID 19, badminton is a safer game where people are naturally more distanced.”

Other ASA activities that will remain are rock climbing and volleyball, which is good because many students participated in these activities in quarter 1.

No time to waste. Get up now and find more about ASA activities by clicking the link, or scanning the QR Code below.

Image: AES Middle School CC-BY

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