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Battle of the Books

Starting in 2022, AES has participated in the Battle of the Books each spring semester. Battle of the Books is a competition where students read books competitively against other schools. You might be asking yourself, "How do you read books against someone?"

Basically, there are 4 groups of students, and each group reads 10 books chosen by each school's librarians. Students can divide the books and assign any number of books to a group member. The group has to read all 10 books. Each group member can also read all 10 books by themselves. These groups then get quizzed on the 10 books. The group with the most points wins.

Dr. Faze runs Battle of the Books and says, “All the school librarians meet virtually, and we brainstorm. We chose different types of books, such as graphic novels, and novels in verse. We chose books that are mostly middle-grade level. This makes the books easier to read for everyone."

In this year’s Battle of the Books, the books that the schools will be quizzed on are City Spies, Wink, Aru Shah The End of Time, Wildfire, The Last Mapmaker, Ophie's Ghosts, Alone, Last Day on Mars, Genius Under The Table, and When you trap a tiger. Schools will compete in different rounds of Kahoot to test their knowledge about these ten books. The tournament will be held in the middle of May. Battle of the Books is a great way to boost your reading stamina, so join Battle of the Books next year!

Image by Dr. Faze

Image by Dr. Faze

Image by Dr. Faze

Image by Dr. Faze

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