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Eat Your Fruits and Veggies...dogs.

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

People might think that fruits and vegetables are food that people eat, so it is not a good food for dogs. But there are fruits and vegetables that are good for dogs’ health. Let’s see what fruits and vegetables are good and why are they good today! People who have a pet dog, listen carefully.

"Fruit Platter" by Matthew Kenwrick is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


In mangos, there are plenty of carcinoids, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Especially carcinoids helps the cells to get damaged or get older. It also has plenty of vitamins. Especially there are a lot of vitamins A,B6, C and E. Mango is very sweet (even though it’s natural sugar), so we need to be careful with dogs that have diabetes. The seed is also dangerous if they swallow it so don’t give the seed.


Bananas have plenty of nutrients like vitamin B6, C and calcium. It also has a lot of fiber so it helps to digest food. Banana’s calorie is high and sweet so if you give too many of them it would connect to overweight, indigestion and diabetes. Never give the banana peels and you must check if they have ALLERGIES.


Blueberries have nutrients that have a lot of Antioxidants(vitamin A,C,E) in them. Antioxidants help the cells to not get damaged and not get older. It also helps to prevent cancer. Blueberries are good for old dogs. Blueberries also have plenty of Gallic acids(one of polyphenols). Those are good for protecting cranial nerves. Blueberries are good for the health of the heart and bones.

"dog" by jmorgan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


In carrots there are vitamin A, beta carotene and dietary fiber. Carrots are good for eyes but it is good to give a little bit of them.

Second is cucumber, cucumber has less fat and less calories and has a lot of water in it. It also has vitamin K in it so it is good for dogs’ bone health. Cucumber helps to prevent smell in their mouth, but you can’t feed them instead of tooth brushing(must do tooth brushing for them). It is okay to give cucumber but it is not okay to pickles that people eat.

Fruits and vegetables dangerous to dogs

The most dangerous fruit to dogs are grapes. Even though the dogs eat only one of it, your dog’s kidney gets damaged and shows the symptoms of addiction. Next two are onions and mushrooms. Even though your dog ate very little onion, it destroys the red blood cells and could bring up anemia. Mushrooms are also dangerous. After 6 hours eating mushrooms, it can bring up seizures. Isn’t it scary?

Fruits and vegetables can help to keep you dog healthy, especially as fruits can be good snacks for dogs. It will be helpful if you read what kind of nutrients are scarce to your dog and give fruits and vegetables. Just make sure you do your research before you give your dog anything because each dog is different.

The cautions are also important so please read it carefully. You must just give little fruits and vegetables and check allergies (especially bananas). If you give too much of them it could bring up only side effects. It is good if you give fruits and vegetables like snacks for them. If you give them as their meal it won’t be enough. There are also some other cautions with introducing other fruits and vegetables please read them until the end.

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