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Holi Madness

Saturday, February 24th, hundreds of families eagerly waited for the clock to strike 1PM, most wearing sparkly white clothes so they could lay their hands on the coloured powder. Long queues snaked around for the ticket line. Luckily I had picked up mine yesterday. The MS field was blasting with loud music and a variety of delicious food stations you could smell from far away.

Finally, 1PM arrived. The celebration was on!

Everyone rushed and got powder in their hands and attacked their friends. Many kids and families from different schools came to AES to celebrate. Even people like Arjun P, an 8th grader who left AES for Thailand last semester.

Pretty soon, the bowls that were once filled with the colored powders were empty and being used as weapons-of-water-fun as kids and adults alike filled them with water to throw. Shower along the side of the basketball court were flowing over heads

7th-grader Shiv was especially into the spirit of the day, shouting like a 7th-grader who’d just eating a bowl full of jalebi, “Give me someone to attack,” and sneaking behind two unsuspecting people, covering them with fluorescent green powder.

This reporter, too, got into the Holi spirit. I silently snuck up behind two friends, shivering because of the water that had been splashed on them just seconds ago. With colours ready in my hand and a water pistol filled to its maximum capacity, I launched into my attack. The Holi party was filled with people who couldn’t stop playing and smiling.

Gradually there were fewer and fewer people. Many headed towards the changing room barefoot, their white clothes now colorful. Drenched in water waiting to get cleaned up, they walk towards the MS Field for food as all of their energy was spent. The music was grew quieter as the end to the celebration neared. Adults and kids danced on the stage, finishing off their food. Soon and it came but not before everyone had a great time and making many memories. Holi was absolutely amazing!

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