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Hybrid is not for everyone

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Students on the first day back on-campus in October 2020. Image: Ms. Cullen / CC-BY

Since 2020, a virus has been spreading in the world and we call the virus “COVID-19”. It is a terrible virus which killed a lot of people.

Recently, a school called American Embassy School in New Delhi started to open the school. It has been opened in a hybrid school. When it comes to hybrid school, which means we can go to school but if we don’t want to, we don’t need to go so it is optional.

More than 80% of students go to school, but also three are some students who don’t go to school. Students who decide to go to school can meet friends and they can do more various activities. Students who decided to stay at home can be more safe from covid pandemic.

Soyul, who goes to the school campus, has mixed feelings about hybrid school. When it comes to the advantages of school campus, Soyul said, “Online learning is not possible for group work, experimentation, or talking with friends during lunch time. But when I go to school, I can do these things. The most important thing is that classes are not boring. And I can focus on lessons well.”

Of course, there are disadvantages of hybrid school. “The one thing is we can’t do anything in break time except talking with friends,” Soyul told me over chat last week. “And second thing is, home is more comfortable to study. About one year we studied at home, so home is more comfortable than school.”

Many students are like Soyul, they like doing more activities in school and talking with friends but don't like the limited activities at school. And many kids feel more comfortable when they study at home.

There is no right answer. Going to school has advantages but also disadvantages. Staying at home has advantages and disadvantages too. The most important thing is adjusting on your choice whatever you chose.

This picture shows students in break time. They are just talking to each other by keeping social distance.

They are playing badminton for after school activity.

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