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International day

Did you enjoy the International Day on February 25th? How about the performance? Well, the international day was super fun. There were so many people of different nationalities. This is not just celebrated by the middle school this is from PreK - 12th grade.

Image by AES Middle School instagram CC-BY

Did you miss the international day? Don’t worry here is a short paragraph about everything that happened. First of all, We began by going to our advisories and taking advisory photos of our outfits. Then we would go to our locations where our country would be located. After that, we would do the parade. Then we sat down to watch the performance. We had high school string, the advanced band combined with concert band, and way more!

Why did we celebrate international day? We celebrate International day to celebrate all of the nationalities in the school. We believe that all nationalities are equal and unique in their way. We have fun with our school and global people.

Now in this article, we will show interviews from people, Helpers, and performers performing for international day.

Ko, from Korea, performed in the International day; he played a Baritone in the band behind the other band members. We asked him how he felt while he was performing and this was his answer:

“I thought that I would be nervous, but I was at the back row of the band so I couldn’t see anyone.”

Kashvi was another performer at International Day. She danced, and she represented India in International Day, and this is what she said about her performance and International Day in general

“In the beginning it was stressful and I was a bit nervous but when I was performing, it was fun because I could just let go and dance.”

Simon is an eighth-grader, who represented France for International Day. His favorite thing about International Day was to meet people who had different beliefs and cultures because he likes to meet all kinds of different people from different ethnicities.

The whole day was super fun and it was very interesting to learn about different nationalities, see wonderful performances, and all of the aes community coming together.

Story was written by #Arjit, #Akul, And #Matthew

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