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King Charles Diagnosed with Cancer

Updated: Feb 13

King Charles has cancer. I know that's a daunting statement, but it's true. This is a tad depressing as the queen of England only recently died a year and a half ago, and her son, King Charles, only just became King if you compare the length of his reign to his mother's.

The family hasn't yet offered details about his form of cancer but they have told us that he isn't diagnosed with prostate cancer. His cancer was discovered after he went to his doctor for a simple prostate exam and it was discovered that he had an unknown form of cancer. It is not certain he will die though as people survive cancer all of the time. I find all of this a bit worrying seeing as the queen died a year and a half ago and with the world in such a fragile state with all the ongoing wars I worry how his death would affect the world seeing as the United Kingdom is one of the more influential nations of our generation.

If King Charles were to die then Prince William would take over and after that his 3 kids before Prince Harry and his kids. As a British Citizen, I am slightly turned down by the fact that we may have to have a new monarch so soon but Britain has lost a monarch before and I believe the community will bounce back if he dies. But King Charles is fine as of right now and it is not too serious of a threat but people deserve to know his general status.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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