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New Lunch Changes at the Cafeteria

As you’ve probably heard from Friday’s assembly, after spring break we will have a trial for a new way to get school lunches. Instead of getting lunch boxes, we finally have the choice to get our lunch from the cafeteria. This is great news because there has been a lot of recent feedback involving the choice and amount of lunch. Unfortunately, we cannot eat in the cafeteria yet due to covid restrictions. Students with advisories on the 3rd floor will go to the MS cafeteria and 2nd-floor advisories will go to the ES cafeteria.

This is a good opportunity since it can reduce food waste. Some students don’t eat everything in their lunch and just throw it away. This caused a lot of food wastage in the school. Opening up the cafeteria and letting students pick what foods they want and the amount of food will help the food wastage go down.

Opening up the cafeteria is also another step for a normal, post-pandemic school. I’m looking forward to the day when we can all have lunch together in the cafeteria.

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1 Comment

Mar 29, 2022

I don't disagree with wanting to eat in the cafeteria, but its also a really nice break space.

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