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Spirit Day: Wednesday Advisory Twinning

Ms.Willcott’s Advisory with the theme of robbers. The background looks amazing!

Today is 3rd day of spirit week, Wednesday. Today’s theme was Advisory twining, which is that Advisory gets to wear the same clothes. So every advisory chooses what to wear on Wednesday, wears the same things, and takes a picture. And every advisory will try to win the greatest cloth on Wednesday.

Mx. Cornwell’s advisory wearing an M&M t-shirt.

Ms.Coetzee bought a penguin dabbing t-shirt for her advisory class. I saw some 6 graders wearing it. Mr.Vasily’s advisory clothing is a blue t-shirt, black pants, and sunglasses. In Ms.Luebbe’s advisory, students wear paper crowns own designed, and the light glass (It can on and off the light of glass). Ms.Willcott’s class theme is the robber. It looks great. So today, there were so many good advisory clothing. On Friday’s assembly, the advisory who won will be announced.

Mr.Vasily’s advisory wearing a blue t-shirt, black pants, and sunglasses

Ms.Dana's advisory wearing a hat, white shirt, and black pants

That's it for Wednesday's advisory twinning.

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