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Stay Safe at WOW

Hello guys, It's not long before the WOW trip comes. There are safety rules that everyone should know to have a fun and safe trip.

First, you must follow the teacher's instructions when going around tourist spots. This is because if you go in a group, there are many people, so you may get confused with others, and if you get lost in an unknown place, it will be difficult to find your group again. Therefore, you must work within the range set by the teacher.

Second, you must refrain from risky behavior. For example, climbing a tree while hiking, or throwing rocks or branches at people on the street can be really dangerous.

Third, don't joke around too much with your friends. This is because you can lose your party while playing pranks, or you can get angry with each other and fight. In particular, when moving from place to place, you must listen carefully to what the teacher says and act appropriately to the situation.

I hope you all have a safe and happy trip by following the safety rules above.

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