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The Fort Frenzy Standings

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

After 2 huge fort days, a yearbook challenge, and so much fort fun we still have no idea what the current fort standings are. Well that’s gonna change today. I went straight to the source Ms Mac who is the one who had all the cards or information if you will in her hands or in this case her computer. So now I shall reveal the fort frenzy standings!


1st-Hara-275 points

2nd-lal-252 points

3rd-peela-247 points

4th-Neela-232 points

Source- Ms Mac

“I think the fort frenzy went very well, it was wonderful that everyone got to work together especially across the grades and everyone had great energy.”
Ms. Mac

Well thats that. Hara is in the lead but Lal And Peela are very close. Neela will have some work to do though.

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