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The Minecraft dream

It is one of the biggest pieces of content on the internet. The Dream smp (survivial multiplayer), home to 30 creators and more than 100 million viewers. What makes this smp so popular? (Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the storyline of the Dream smp)

The dream smp is one of the most popular minecraft server. A server that is popularised by the creators that play in the server. These creators have a huge fan base and are all good friends. Now that is a huge reason why it is so popular but the one thing that makes the smp so fun to follow is the script.

Yes, the dream smp is scripted and the writers do an amazing job. The twists that they make like the main character going to prison just in his moment of triumph. The disc saga which we will talk about later has been full of twists and turns and making the underdogs win the saga was brilliant. When the country lmanberg was created it was just a side story but for a long time it was made the main place of all action. All in all, the writers keep surprising us.

Now, the dream smp has had major events that have skyrocketed their popularity. Some of these were the two wars of l’manberg and the disc saga finale. So what made these events so popular?

The first war of lmanberg was hyped up so much so when the people of lmanberg surrendered instantly and the people who were trying to destroy lmanberg just took over the country it was quite boring but then a person who was part of the takeover team just started to murder everyone and the leader of the takeover team blew up everything because they wanted to destroy lmanberg not rule it. This was a huge twist because as everyone thought it was over, the excitement picked up again. This was a brilliant piece of writing in the script. The video-

Video- Technoblade on YouTube

The second war of lmanberg was not at all similar to the first. This was a massacre by technoblade as he and dream (the owner of the server) rampaged through the country as they destroyed it and it was amazing from their perspective but everyone else had a sad perspective and this change of emotions for each layer was great to watch. The video-

Video- Technoblade on YouTube

The disc saga finale was the greatest event in dream smp history. It was basically Dream who is the owner of the server versus Tommy and tubbo (the main characters and the troublemakers). What was so great about this is when all hope was lost and Tubbo was about to die and Tommy was going to prison. The whole dream smo characters arrived just like avengers endgame and Dream was put In his own prison and he sits there till this day. When I watched it I felt so sad until everyone showed up to fight Dream and I got so excited that I jumped out of my seat and was hooked to what was happening right in front of me. The video-

Video- TommyVods on YouTube

These are just the 3 main examples of dozens of amazing moments on the dream smp. And now it is very easy to see that the writers are a huge influence on the smp. This might even be a push for some readers to follow the smp.

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1 Comment

Vanja Monti
Vanja Monti
Feb 25, 2021


I feel like finally somebody understands how hard it is to run this type of Smp,

if you want more animations and entertainment I suggest watching SAD-is. She makes Dream SMP animations. This source of entertainment is extremely fun and Creative, yes there are a lot of swear words but if you want to keep updated on every stream I advise joining each creators discord server. Such as Tommyinnits and tubbos server. This is all streamed at around 1 am to 3 am india time.

A streamer called Ranboo streams from around 4 to 9pm India time.


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