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The upcoming MS Showcase

Image By AES Dehli CC-BY

The second MS showcase of the year will take place on Thursday, June 2nd, at 5 pm in the theatre. If you're a student who isn't performing, you will be taken to watch it from 8:45-10:15. On the day of the showcase, classes will be 1 hour long, and we will have no advisory.

For parents watching later in the day, there is limited seating, so before attending, they must fill out a registration form and a contact tracing form after they leave. Guardians must be fully vaccinated and remain in the theatre until everyone has performed. If, for whatever reason, you can't come to school on the day of the middle school showcase, then luckily, you can view the performance live on youtube or watch the recording after it's over.

The show will last an hour and a half and feature music from 5 distinct genres. First, strings will play 2-3 pieces, followed by performances by the band, choir, and the guitar class, ending the night with a K-Pop group dance! There will also be 2 unaffiliated solo dance performances, 1 by Kashvi Kumar and another by Roni Ittah.

The showcase is intended to celebrate all of the hard work the middle school students have put into creative learning this semester. Ms Rebbeca the choir teacher said this about her students. Last month, students started practising and came to class with all of their energy. They've all put in a tremendous amount of effort to make the event a success, and I want to emphasise that the showcase is only possible because of their hard work.

We hope you enjoy the show and can't wait to see lots of parents come out!

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Isaac Currey
Isaac Currey
03. jun. 2022

The showcase was really awesome. It was fun to see so many kids doing great stuff.

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