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Upcoming MAP Test

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Next week, AES Middle School is going to take “MAP testing.”

What is the MAP Test?

MAP testing is a digital test that helps teachers improve learning for all students and make precise decisions to support the student's academic growth.

Map testing is divided into 3 sections; Reading, Mathematics, and English. There are multiple levels of difficulty in all the subjects. To reach a new level, you have to get a certain number of questions right, but it gets easier if you get too many wrongs, but many people don't want to get too many mistakes.

(Image from Mix: College Student)

The benefit of taking MAP tests is to help students see where they are compared to the grade as a whole, modifying what they learn. Another thing that can be useful in taking MAP tests is that teachers can use the test information to help them guide instruction in the classroom to understand each question without any problems easily.

MAP testing is, therefore, a valuable asset to the school’s educational tools.

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1 Comment

Jihong Namkung
Jihong Namkung
Oct 05, 2021

that is so poggers

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