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SPTC: Coming Soon

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

At AES, we do SPTC each semester. During these conferences, students share their work with parents and teachers. Conferences are coming soon. Middle school is doing it from March 24th to 26th. Usually, one student has eight subjects each (except Advisory). We have conferences on all subjects we have.

There are many ways to do SPTC. One is to make a slideshow and present this with parents and teachers. And the other one is just talking.

When we made slides for the conferences, we made them during class. There are different ways to make a conference for each teacher. Some teachers ask you to make a slide yourself, which includes what you learn during that semester plus, a reflection. Other teachers can give instructions on how to make slides for conferences. When we make slides we have to notice what we learned during one semester like “What was something you didn't know before?” and reflection of learning habits. Reflection of learning habits is a self-evaluation of your learning habits during the semester. There are four learning habits:Responsible, Respectful, Perseverant, and Collaborative.

Just talking is literally having a consultation with a teacher, parents, and students. Most middle school conferences use slides and consult only one or two subjects. But high school conferences consult all subjects.

Why do we do SPTC?

A conference is to share about a student's class. I think the reason for this conference is mainly to share what students learn, how much they understand, how much they can express it, and how they think about their own class habits and work.

What students learn is about “What didn't students know before?” and “What do students think about it now?” Students make slides about what they have learned in class until now and make presentations.

How much they understand is about how far did you understand what you've learned so far? How much they can express is about how much you can express what you have learned and understood in slides or words?

How they think about their own class habits and work is can you make better changes to what you've done so far? And how will you change your learning habits and next time, you can make work more better then now?

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