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What Are Middle Schoolers Scared Of?

We all have things that scare us… You might be scared of going to the dentist, snakes, spiders, planes, small enclosed spaces, mice or heights . Some people don’t realise they are scared of something until they experience it.

I went ahead and interviewed a couple of 7th graders about their WORST FEARS…

  1. “I’m scared of dark close spaces”

  2. “I’m scared of small spaces”

  3. “I’m also scared of small spaces”

  4. “I’m scared of extreme activities”

  5. “I’m scared of murderers”

  6. “I’m scared of closed spaces”

  7. “I’m scared of rats”

  8. “I’m scared of injections”

  9. “I’m scared of heights”

I read this list of fears and realised that 4 out of 9 kids that I interviewed said they were scared of tight spaces: claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia is a fear of closed spaces like an elevator, crowded amounts of people in 1 spot, airplanes, etc. It seems like lots of kids in 7th grade have a fear of claustrophobia. It’s a good thing AES is such an open campus.

I read an article in Hebrew and researched what people are scared of THE MOST…

  1. Scared of the dentist

  2. Scared of dogs

  3. Fear of flights

  4. Fear of lighting

  5. Fear of the dark

  6. Fear of heights

  7. Fear of other people

  8. Fear of open spaces

  9. Fear of spiders

  10. Claustrophobia

  11. Fear of snakes

As you can see, in 7th grade we have some similarities and differences which is normal.

Fear is normal it might seem like the WORST thing ever but, it really isn’t, fear helps us be careful.

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