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Where you can go during breaks and where traffic is prohibited.

Updated: May 8, 2023

Middle School children have been spotted in several spaces that MS Adults do not supervise.

Reminder, MS children can go to the following SUPERVISED areas

Library (all breaks)

MS Field (all breaks)

Rock garden (all breaks)

Green space between Rock Garden & Tigers Den (all breaks)

HOP (all breaks)

Jalsa (all breaks)

MS Cafeteria (all breaks)

2nd & 3rd floor (1st & 3rd break only)

Gym (lunch only)

Know where you can go during break time and where is prohibited, and have a good break time!

(source: Aes MS Site)

It's disappointing that you can only use the gym during lunchtime, but it's impressive that most places are allowed. Many students will like it because it will make the break time more enjoyable in the future.

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