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Why Do Kids Turn Off Their Camera In Zoom

“Can you please turn on your camera?” We hear this A LOT in our online classes and I wonder why? I went ahead and interviewed a few AES middle school students. You won’t believe what I realised.

Anxiety: Anxiety is an emotion, it is normal especially for teenagers to feel fear, nervousness and worry. This is caused because af stress , lots of homework, etc.

Off Task: Off tasking is when someone does a couple of things the same time, some kids in AES use zoom classes to just turn off their cameras and focus on other school work or anything else.

Low Self Esteem: Self esteem is how much you appreciate yourself. Some people think they are less worth it than others. The effect of this is people not wanting to look weird on the zoom or not wanting to be judged.

Awkward Moments: We all know what those awkward moments are… absolutely silence, someone waiting for someone else to say something and everyone staring at each other. Not fun I’d say. So, people often turn off their camera to avoid that moment.

WiFi Connection: WiFi connection is a wireless network that allows devices to use for connection. I’ve seen people in zoom turning off their camera because of WiFi issues. (Some people use their WiFi issues to off task as well)

For conclusion, I believe turning off your camera in zoom isn’t the best for you and your teacher because communication is the key to success. If you are a teacher that is reading this. If you want kids to turn on their camera in zooms you need to tell them.

If you are a student and the teacher asks you to turn off your camera TURN IT ON.

Thank you so much for reading!

I hope this helped you!

Nadav Sharky

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