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20 Things To Do On a High AQI Day

Are you bored on a day indoors because it’s too polluted? Do you need something to do? Well here is a List of things you can do when your bored.

1. Learn a new skill. You can start to learn a new language, or maybe learn to knit or sew.

2. Make up a new language.

3. Try to break a world record like sora and rahul on the direct message.

4. Maybe try finishing your homework

5. Make decorations for Christmas -How to make a Sock snowman DIY Christmas Ornaments

6. Use your decorations around the house and try to make it a winter wonderland.

7. Build a pillow fort for your siblings and knock it down when they are in it.

8. pull a prank and video it.

9. Bench watch a new tv series.

10. Check out our blog, read some of our stories, and give us comments of what you want to see on the direct message.

11. Make some cookies.

12. Have a one man dance party.

13. Reorganise your room. You might find your lost stuffed animal underneath the clothes.

14. CYO scavenger hunt and see if you can find all of the objects on your list.

15. Dress your pets into a costume, preferably a unicorn.

16. Start reading a new book or maybe even try to write one.

17. Play board games with your family.

18. Make up your own game, Ex: Harry Potter monopoly.

19. Watch a horror movie with your friends,or better yet, at night.

20. Start a Nano Rymo story.

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