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2020: The Year of Memes

2020 was...quite the year. But anyway, we aren't here to talk about that! Here's (YouTube) Rewind 2020 - Meme Edition!


Easily one of the most peaceful months of 2020.


I first heard the term "Coronavirus" in Social Studies during February and thought it was like the flu and I'm sure a lot of people relate to this.




*Quarantine still going strong*


Suddenly everyone's dancing to Renegade on TikTok, and this is where a new era of TikTok begins! Pretty much everyone was obsessed with the app at this point.


Duolingo was trending for the longest time because the bird just scared everyone. Honestly, I had even deleted the app because it spammed me with notifications...


July was when the MBTI tests finally started getting popular and they're still here! I actually took my second one last week to see if my previous one was accurate, and unsurprisingly, it was! Here's the link to the test if you want to take it!


Here's a meme I'll never forget...(even though I really want to).


Ah, here comes the Among Us wave. This lasted a whole 2-3 months before everyone just forgot about the game. But honestly, it was fun while it lasted!


Miraculous Ladybug started trending (and is still going strong!) / Shout out to everyone who can't build in Minecraft because neither can I.


At this point, my entire YouTube recommended page is just full of cute Minecraft builds! If only I had the patience to build those... / I was so creeped out by that song at first, but after listening to it a couple thousand times on Instagram, I've kind of gotten used to it...

There you have it; 2020 in memes! This took a while to compile but it was worth it.

*All these pictures were taken from Pinterest and have been uploaded multiple times, so I am unsure of the original copyright holder.*

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