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Evan's Eagle Project

Updated: May 23

At a recent assembly, AES eighth-grader Evan DeWaal asked middle school students to assist him in his Eagle Scout Service Project: providing hygiene kits to a local girls' shelter so they can have the products they need. But some still might wonder, What is an Eagle Scout? Or an Eagle Project?

In the Boy Scouts of America (which will soon be renamed as Scouting America), Eagle is the highest of the seven ranks and requires a lot of dedication and motivation to achieve before you turn 18. Becoming an Eagle Scout also helps prepare you for life as an adult, by making sure you have mastered many useful skills, such as first aid, cooking, finance, orienteering, fitness, and much more.

One of the final challenges one must face to become an Eagle Scout is that you have to plan and carry out a service project that benefits your community. Evan's project involves collecting hygiene kit donations, painting murals, organizing volunteers, and more. The boys, girls, and adult leaders of Troop 60 are helping him, and he also hopes that more AES students will help him complete this helpful task.

"An Eagle Scout project is a lot of work and requires help from the whole community," he says.

The hygiene kits will be sent directly to the girls' shelter. Evan requests that students donate a kit with ALL the items listed in the following:

"Just spending a small amount of time to make a kit will make a huge difference in these girls' lives," Evan says.

For more information about Scouting America and Eagle projects, visit  and

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