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Increasing Rubbish: What Can We Do?

The amount of trash produced these days is increasing, and it's leading to a lot of issues. Rubbish contaminates the entire ecosystem. When waste cannot be recycled, repurposed, or minimized, it is dumped in landfills. After that, it contaminates the land, water, and air and finally alters the climate. Reducing waste should be our main priority because climate change can have devastating effects.

We are making more and more garbage for a number of reasons. Population growth is a significant factor since it leads to increased waste and consumption. Furthermore, the consumerist nature of our culture is growing, with people purchasing more goods and discarding them faster. Moreover, the increasing use of electronic trash due to technological advancement is a problem, as e-waste is particularly challenging to dispose of.

Another factor contributing to the increase in garbage over time is the overuse of single-use items. The majority of garbage is made of plastic. There is no method for us to deal with the millions and millions of plastics that we produce, and it takes plastics over 500 years to decompose. Governments should limit the usage of single-use items and push companies all over the world to transition to recyclable materials rather than plastics.

Governments can help solve this problem in many ways. First, they should begin teaching college and schoolchildren about the problems with trash, cautioning them that it can harm the environment and encouraging them to utilize recyclable materials. Moveover, to discourage consumers and manufacturers from using and producing non-recyclable products, governments may also consider raising costs on them.

In summary, there are serious environmental issues because of the rise in waste generation, including pollution and climate change. In order to overcome this issue, we must work together with the government, the community, and each individual. To minimize waste and stop the negative effects it is having, it is imperative to adopt stronger rules on non-recyclable products, promote sustainable practices, and educate the public about waste management. We can save the earth for present and future generations if we work together.

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