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2020 Tokyo Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to take place on July 24 and end on August 7, 2020. The Olympics occur every 2 years, with the summer and winter games alternating. The Olympics are meant to bring together athletes from all over the world, despite poverty, discrimination and gender equality. According to the Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games “The ultimate goals are to cultivate human beings, through sport, and contribute to world peace.” For most countries hosting an Olympic game is a huge honour and has many benefits. The games can allow countries to take advantage of the international exposure to display its strength. According to Britannica “The Olympic Games are an overall benefit to their host countries and cities state that the Games increase valuable tourism, which can boost local economies; create a sense of national pride; and increase a country’s global trade and stature.” With the 2020 Tokyo games rescheduled how will people from all over the world be affected?


The Games bring in thousands of tourists from around the world for the duration of the games. The Olympics were already bringing in more tourists to Japan in 2017 because of the upcoming games. Japan brought in a total of 28.7 million, a 20% increase from 2016. Japan was expecting 40 million visitors in 2020 and hoped for an advance of 300$ million from international and domestic tourists. But only brought in approximately 4 million visitors in the first quarter of the year.


Countries spend millions of dollars towards building communication and transportation lines, Olympic venues, and renovating roads, bridges and public buildings to prepare themselves for the games and international exposure. There are a total of 42 venues to hold the different events. One of the main venues is the Japan National Stadium. Japan already built their 1.43 billion dollar national stadium. The stadium was built to host the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, track and field events, and football games. The 52 acre stadium has a capacity of 68,000 but with Tokyo’s 2020 chief executive saying that the games could be held with limited spectators will the stadium be used to its full potential?


With the games postponed the athletes are offered another year to train and prepare for the upcoming games. Most athletes are heartbroken but realise that there are bigger problems and that the decision to postpone the games was for the safety of everyone. Five Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky tweeted “As we stand together to meet today’s challenges, we can dream about a wonderful Olympics in a beautiful country. Now is the time to support all those working to heal the sick and keep us healthy. We will get through this together.” German track and field athlete Thomas Röhler said “Dreams are not cancelled, just postponed.” Regardless of the games being postponed the athletes are finding ways to stay fit and ready themselves even more for the Olympics next summer.


The games are officially scheduled to start July 23 and end on Aug 8, 2021. Even though the games are postponed we can still continue to support Japan, and cheer on our favorite athletes.

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