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30 Reasons Why Not To Be In A Play!

A few days before fall break was the school play, 30 Reasons Why Not To Be In a Play. If you are wondering what the play is about, look back up at the title.

In the play, the actors gave thirty reasons not to be in a play. Some were silly. For example, Marin came up to the stage holding a cucumber and said, “Cucumber.” Literally, that is all she said. Others were totally plausible, like Mort, getting caught up in a movie with a terrible director.

The actors and actresses were so amazing and played their roles well. Kai played Aunt Gladys, a very bold old woman, despite being a boy. He made everyone laugh—I don’t know if it was the way he talked, or the way he walked, or the way he got so surprised that he died.

Sophie played a shy character who got bolder, and bolder and bolder talking about how terrible it was to put a shy person in a play… until she remembered that she was in front of an audience.

Marin, was one of the funniest characters. She had the most random, hilarious reasons why not to be in a play. Her most notable reason was, Abraham Lincoln.

Even though there was a few mess ups, they continued strong. I don’t even think the audience knew they messed up! Miss Rodgers said, “They improvised their way to of it.” They certainly did.

The director of the play, Mrs. Rodgers, when asked her favourite reason, said, “I can’t choose one; it is like having to choose your favourite child.”

The reasons were funny, and the play was interesting and memorable. If you didn’t see the play, don’t worry, If you click here, you can see a video of this fantastic play. Congratulations to all of the magnificent participants in the play, whether they are backstage, or on the stage.

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