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8th grade dominate MESAC

By Dan Militaru and Satvik Shubham

ABA Oman was the host of the MESAC tournament of badminton between 11 and 16 April. Our boys had a constant tournament overall, both of our players getting 1st place in the singles competition and 4th place in the doubles competition. The girls struggled a getting in top, and they got 6th place in the singles competition and 5th place in the doubles competition. Nor the team of mixed doubles did better; they couldn’t get higher than 6th place, remaining at the bottom of the list. No matter what rankings our players got in this competition, we should respect and support them no matter what. Hopefully AES will bounce back much stronger after this. MESAC is an exciting time for all of us, to see what AES’s talented players can achieve. GO AES! GO TIGERS!

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