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8th Grade Pie Event

“Disaster,” is the word, 8th grader Satyaj, used to describe how he thought the apple pie event would go. Frankly, many people did. A concoction of dough and apples flying around the room, creating messes you couldn’t even dream possible. Though the process was a tough one, the outcome was amazing — the connection between individual 8th-grade students and each advisory growing, and several delicious looking pies.

Photo Credit: Maureen Cullen

The eighth graders gathered by advisory in the MS MPR and had an hour to create the most jaw dropping pie they could, though some opted to make a more classic pie. Either way, on Monday the pies were judged, given awards, and then the best part: Eaten. Keshav summed up his thoughts with this, “The 8th-grade pie challenge was great fun – I loved seeing how my advisory buddies came together to work as a team, and overall it was an enriching experience.

Now that I think about it, there was one blue and green pie, winning the award for the Most Resembling A Train Wreck. The winning advisory was overheard saying, “I thought it was a good idea…” I will leave you with that, and a picture depicting the pie.

Photo Credit: Rahul Bhandari An artist rendering.

Here is the actual pie:

Photo Credit: Isaac Curry

To see all the apple pie pictures check out this link.

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