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8th Graders: Too Cool to Social?

The most recent social was Oscar-themed and well-planned. However, there was a problem, one that has been occurring for years now: the absence of eighth graders. Although that could be blamed on the volleyball and tennis tournaments that had many students traveling and away from Delhi, we think the problem is a lot bigger.

Now you could be saying that it doesn’t really matter that a few eighth graders aren’t coming to the social.  But I tell you, this problem is much bigger than you think. The fact is that the general attitude towards social from the most eighth graders has changed. It just hasn’t attracted as many students of the grade compared to sixth and seventh graders.

One theoretical cause for this is that subconsciously the eighth graders feel they need to be more mature and cool, and going to socials might not be “cool” enough. The big crowd of sixth and seventh graders that eighth graders always seemingly see as immature isn’t appealing to most of us. (Even though we were in their place a few years ago.) Older kids almost never want to be like younger kids.

Some think the socials are “lame,” and others think they are just a waste of time. So then they just don’t go. And after a few decide to stop going, it becomes a landslide. When eighth graders don’t go, their friends – including some eighth graders – are left at the social without anyone to hang out with. Because they have no one to be there with, they don’t go either.

And THEN because the eighth graders are such big role models the younger grades just might start following their lead, and eventually, we won’t have any SEVENTH graders. And then, SIXTH graders!!! It will just be a bunch of chaperones standing by the walls of the HOP.

Do you see why this is a problem?

Arguably this isn’t the only reason eighth graders stopped going to the socials. Maybe people just don’t feel like dancing. The food isn’t free.

This is not a shot at the awesome social committee, but a look into eighth grader’s mind. Do you agree that this is an issue? How do we get the eighth graders back? Let us know in the comments.

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