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AES Middle School Drama: Aladdin – A Play Review

The eager cast of 6th, 7th and 8th graders rushed out of their classes at the end of the day to prepare for one of the most anticipated plays of the year: Aladdin. I got behind the scenes access to bring you an inside look at what acting is behind the curtains, and also give you a full review on what the cast did well.

Photo Credit: Ayman Rashid

Despite missing three cast members, Ms. Rogers and the cast did an impeccable job of overcoming their obstacles and persisting to make an amazing show. The play truly shined at moments of seemingly spontaneous singing and dancing, and they all gave their best effort in moving with enthusiasm. Several moments in the play were surprisingly humorous such as lines from the quirky characters like Iago the parrot and Jafar’s guards.

The cast did a great job at making their roles believable and being invested and in the zone when acting. The choreography and dancing were great, and the musical numbers were brought to life by the actors – even though they were a little nervous when singing. I’m really glad I was fortunate enough to get behind the scenes access, and I got to see the play for free, thanks to the gracious Ms. Rogers and The Direct Message.

Photo Credit: Ayman Rashid

Before the play started I saw how the actors set up and the attention to detail with the makeup and costumes. Even though they were aware that not everyone could see the makeup on the characters, they put it on the actors anyway to set the illusion of the characters looking realistic. I really must commend the crew for their outstanding work in makeup. Congratulations to the cast of Aladdin, and Ms. Rogers an amazing play. I, and many others really enjoyed the play and we hope to see what Ms. Rogers and the cast brings us in the future.

Photo Credit: Ayman Rashid

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