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AQI and Air Pollution

A view of the city from third floor of the middle school building shows the pollution. Photo by Minjae CC-BY

Do you know what AQI is and about air pollution?

According to the air condition observation site(or app), these days India's AQI level is over 500.

Usually, 1~50 is level one, Good.

Over 100, is considered a bad level.

Over 300, we call this level a ‘hazardous level’.

500 is super dangerous for any creature.

That means, these days India's air pollution is quite extreme.

So, what is AQI exactly, and what do we have to do to protect ourselves against air pollution?

Most of us think it is just data of fine dust but it is a little different.

AQI is the abbreviation of the Air Quality Index.

It is an indicator that presents not only fine dust but also the quality of air including the amount of Co, SO2, and O3. AQI 500 does not mean the amount of fine dust is 500.

The indicator that is observed by WHO (World Health Organization) only

represents the amount of fine dust.

And, what should we do when air quality is too bad like these days?

First, we have to put on a mask.

There are many kinds of masks but you have to choose a fine dust prevention mask.

Second, we have to wash our hands and face after going outside.

Because fine dust will stick to your skin and hair.

So, we should remove this.

Third, we have to use an air purifier indoors.

Indoors also have lots of fine dust and other bad materials.

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